Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
Tentative Date Institutional Computer Science & Engg. Electronics & Communication Engg. Electrical Engg. Mechanical Engg. Information Tech. Civil Engg. Training and Placement.
26-12-2012--28-12-2012 Faculty Lecture Workshop
14-01-2013--15-01-2013 Faculty Lecture Workshop
15-01-2013--16-01-2013 Faculty Lecture Workshop
02-02-2013--03-02-2013 National Conference: Retrospect & Prospect
13-02-2013--14-02-2013 Institute Atheletic Meet
21-03-2013--23-03-2013 Internal-1
02-04-2013--04-04-2013 Internal-2
11-04-2014--11-04-2014 Orientation Programme for First Year students
24-08-2013--24-08-2013 REC Seminar
29-09-2013--01-10-2013 Tech Fest(PRAYOG-2013)
10-11-2013--10-10-2013 Alumni meet
19-09-2013--21-09-2013 Internal-1
15-11-2013--16-11-2013 Internal-2
22-02-2013--23-02-2014 National Seminar Organized by the Department of Basic Sciences, B.I.E.T., Suri
24-01-2014--25-01-2014 Sports
02-02-2014--03-02-2014 Cultural Fest
22-02-2014--23-02-2014 Seminar on "Development of modern technology a catalyst for advancement of science"
11-03-2014--13-03-2014 1st Internal Examination
02-05-2014--03-05-2014 2nd Internal Examination
23-03-2014--23-04-2014 One Day Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights”(Training & Placement)
24-03-2014-- One Day Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights”