Mechanical Enginnering
Academic Program
B. Tech degree course (undergraduate) = 120 seats
Duration= 4 years

M. Tech degree course (postgraduate)
Heat Power Engineering(18 seats)
Manufacturing Engineering(18 seats)
Duration= 2 years

Programme educational objective:
At par with the stated mission of the Institution, the Mechanical Engineering Department prepares its graduate to become very effective human resources for a continuous and rapidly changing technological requirement of the society. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology includes existing major courses of Mechanical Engineering in its curriculum. The structures of the curriculums are thoughtfully prepared so this education process produces assured and optimum quality. The courses both lecture as well as laboratory offered by the department balances between mastery of scientific theories and engineering applications; also it is very much required to understand the recent technological trends.  In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, laboratory courses occupy a major portion of the total curriculum because it strengthens the student’s understandings. The Department is well equipped with all relevant laboratories to deliver on hand practical knowledge. Workshop-I & II includes machine shop, welding shop, pattern making shop, forging and foundry shop with sand testing lab, Metallography lab, CNC machining Lab, Mechatronics lab. Besides workshop, the department is having well equipped heat transfer lab, Fluid mechanics lab, I.C. Engine lab, Strength of Material or material testing lab, Dynamic of machine lab, CAD-CAM lab, Metrology lab, Engineering graphics lab, Industrial Engineering lab etc. These laboratories have been design and developed to be of high standard keeping safety and environmental point of view, so that students fill easy to carry out their experiments. After graduation the students will have the opportunity for their carriers in a wide and varied range of industries. The faculty of the Mechanical Engineering department is well experienced to train and educate the students in a technically sound and effective way in order to obtained the following educational objectives: I. To provide students with solid foundation in Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals to excel in undergraduates program and to succeed in technical profession. II. To educate the student’s professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, team work skills, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate lifelong engineering issues to broader social context. III. To train students with good scientific and engineering breadth so as to comprehend, analyze, design and create innovative products and solution for lifelong problems. IV. Graduates are better employable and achieve success in their chosen areas within Mechanical Engineering and related fields by applying engineering principles in solving upcoming problems by designing, evaluating, experimenting etc. V. Graduates learn and adopt themselves to the constantly evolving new technology to succeed in their studies.