About Institute


To impart quality professional / technical education to students inculcating in them national / global perspective ,leadership attitude , entrepreneurship , co-operative sprit, cultured outlook, ethical values , social responsibilities and healthy habits so as to contribute to the technological,economical and social development of the region, the state and the country and to create an ambience of excellence, inspiring value based education research and development through

  1. (1)creation of conducive learning atmosphere that gives a cutting  edge and appropriate technical proficiency to the students for facing  future global challenges.
  3. (2)Including of value based education through fostering of dedication in staff and motivating students.
  5. (3)development of state-of-the-art technologies through research and development and to apply them to social problems.
  7. (4)creation of effective interface with industry and community to  import Quality Education at par with the best in the country and the  world
  9. (5)promoting research activities in the fields of emerging technologies
  11. (6)creating awareness for and transfer of technology to rural mass
  13. (7)strengthening industry- institutional interaction
  15. (8)establishing linkages with national and international institutions of repute