Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Prof. Amitabha Sinha
Currently the Director of this Institute is looking after the department as the In-Charge.

Consistent with the stated mission of the Institution, the mission of the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department is to prepare its graduates for a rapidly changing technological field. The curriculum is skillfully designed to maintain an assured quality and relevance of engineering education process. The content of the Professional Core and Electives course is moderated to cover almost the entire domain of Electronics and Communication Engineering .The core subjects are meeting the needs of an Electronics and Communication Engineer. Emphasis is given on offering recent, advanced and current important modules as the Elective Subject, which makes the student capable of understanding and develop their technical knowledge and achieving the PEO goals.

A Syllabus Moderation Committee, comprising of experts and experienced faculties from different Eminent Universities, Institutions and Engineering Colleges have recently updated the syllabus according to the requirement of Washington Accord, which we are in the process of implementing in ECE Department. Institutional Syllabus Review Committee creates a balance bridge with the University Syllabus Moderation Committee.

Although as an affiliated private engineering institution we have very little scopes for upgrading or including contents beyond the syllabus in the curriculum, yet faculties are taking additional ‘contents beyond syllabus’ as and when required.

The content of the Breadth courses are offering good support to the core modules and hence, quite satisfying the PEO goals.

The content of the curriculum under the HSS course schedule is structured to develop a balanced bridge between humanities and social sciences and therefore satisfying the PEO goals.