Civil Engineering


Head of the Department:
Arijit Acharjya
Phone: 7797759777
[email protected]

The importance of Civil Engineering in today’s environment cannot be over emphasized. The mother of all disciplines in Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering has, perhaps, contributed to social development of mankind to its utmost, and it still remains the most essential branch of engineering to make the world a better place to live in. Be it the design and construction of modern tall structures, earthquake resistant structures, dams and bridges, multilane highways or be it the management of water resources, controlled irrigation systems, use of canals for irrigation, control of floods and disaster management, potable and drinking water supply to populated and other areas, drainage and waste management and other aspects of Public Health Engineering, Civil Engineers are required to play key role in these core areas of human civilizations, thus contributing significantly towards progress of our nation.


Civil Engineering department of BIET is committed towards this goal. The department comprises of well-qualified faculties, supporting staffs and suitably equipped laboratories and a departmental library. Thrust is given to make the students well versed with the established curricula of undergraduate course of Civil Engineering, so that they are transformed into competent technocrats, who will be able to face the challenges thrown to them with confidence in future. Continuous knowledge up gradation of the students, faculties and stuffs through workshops, seminars and trainings are also undertaken regularly.