Central Library
Library Description
The Library for the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has the distinction of being the largest resourceful technical library among the present departmental libraries of the institute with more than one thousand odd volumes. The library successfully caters to all the basic information needs of faculty members and students of the department. The library has books pertaining to all subjects in the present course curriculum of the students including Analog, Digital & Wireless Communication; VLSI,CMOS technology, VHDL; Optical N/W; Control Systems; Measurement and Instrumentation including Bio-Medical Instrumentation; Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna Theory, Microwave and Radar Communication; Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems; Solid State Devices, Analog and Digital Electronics and Signal Systems and DSP. The library also has focused books for GATE preparation for the students of the final year. Apart from Indian publishers like S. Chand & Co. Ltd.; University Press ;B.S.Publication.;Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd; New Age International, PHI Pvt. Ltd., Dhanpat Rai & Co., Pearson; S Kataria & Sons, the library has books from foreign authors and publishers like John Wiley, Springer, Thompson, Oxford University Press,Cambridge and Mc Graw Hill to name a few. The library is kept operational on all working days and maintained by a dedicated Faculty-In-Charge, HOD and a supporting staff of the department. The library has provisions for both reading and lending.
  • Library Automated Service with Barcode Technology used
  • Book Bank service
  • Reprographic service
  • Lending service
  • Air conditioning facility of Reference section
  • Internet facility
  • Air conditioning facility of digital Library
  • Library Web Base Access:
  • Printing Service
Number of Library Books/Titles/E-Books/E-Journal/Hard copy Journal / Video & Web Courses is given in the following table



(more than)

1. Computer Science & Engineering 695 5615 DIGITAL LIBRARY
2. Information Technology 562 3588


Apart from Journal Subscriptions, facilities for e-journals have been made through Digital Library with Internet Connections.

 E-Journal :
i) Sciencedirect-275
ii) ASTM- 13000
iii) Springer(ME)-49
iv) Our Library is the member of. DELNET. Through this Delnet students & Faculty members can get any information.

E-Books :
i) Springer-775
ii) MCGraw-Hill-149
iii) Wiley -56
iv) ASTM -1700

NPTEL web and video courses (Phase1 & 2)are added to the Digital Library.

CD’s :650 pcs

3. Electronics & Communication Engineering 759 7114
4. Electrical Engineering 620 5590
5. Mechanical Engineering 891 7358
6. Civil Engineering 552 4378
7. Science & Humanities 781 6792
8. Reference 135 270
TOTAL (more than) 4996 40705  

Library Hours :     From 10.00 AM To 5.30 PM
Number of Multimedia PC’S :    22
Reading Room Seating Capacity :   150
Total Newspaper : Bengali : 2 ; English : 2 ; Hindi : 1 ; Employment News : 2.

Lending Service : (From 1st year to 4th  year student get 6 books. 5 books get from Central Library and 1 book get from Departmental Library. 4th year student also get extra one book for Gate & other Higher studies.)

Library Team
ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN Gangadhar Mandal M.A. [Econ] B. Ed, M.L.I.S.
  Shyamal Mandal B.A., B.L.I.S.
  Hemanta Banerjee B.Sc. (Bio), B.A. (Eng), B.L.I.S.
  Sourav Mukherjee M.Com, B.L.I.S.
  Gangadhar Mandal B. Com. (Hons), M.L.I.S.
ATTENDANTS Paresh Chandra Das Class VIII