BIET Administration

Founder Chairman


The District of Birbhum occupies a prominent place in the country, because of its cultural richness and traditional ethos. Apart from the fact that it happens to be the seat of a number of pilgrimage spots, the District has provided inspiration to Tagore, who had chosen Santiniketan in the District as the production spot of most of his poetical creations..

Establishment of Birbhum Institute of Engineering and Technology has added one feather to the cap of the District, which has now assumed the status not only of an agrarian district, but also of a magnificent seat of academics, providing excellent opportunity for undergoing training in diverse branches of Engineering and Technology. Thanks to the dedication of its administration, sincerity of the members of the Faculty and devotion of the supporting staff, the Institution is emerging as a strong center of excellence, imparting instructions in diverse branches of Engineering and Technological studies. As a matter of fact, the performance of its first batch of students has been splendid, top positions in two disciplines, testifying thus, to the brilliant standard of teaching-learning process.

I am sure, institutions and industry houses will be benefited immensely by the graduates of this College, each of whom will prove themselves an asset to any concern which he or she may happen to join in future..

I congratulate the students and teachers, the administration and supporting staffs and wish the students all success in their future ventures.